The State of Girard Recreation 2008


Compiled By Michael A. Costarella – Council At Large, Girard, Ohio


            This document is a first draft analysis of the state of recreation in Girard, Ohio as of January, 2008.  In this document I have attempted to compile information objectively without regard to any one individual bias.  The goal of this document is to take stock of our assets and their conditions combined with known visions and desires for improvement.  All citizens and elected officials are welcome to include input into the content of this document.





Girard Boys Baseball Association

Girard Girls Softball

Girard Youth Soccer League

Girard High School Baseball

Girard High School Softball

Girard Bocce League

Women’s Volleyball League

Men’s Volleyball League

Girard High School Basketball




David Tod Memorial Park




  • This park is the primary outdoor recreation facility for the city leagues.
  • This park also contains several unimproved nature trails.


Tod Park Recreation Area

Tod Park Baseball Field 1


  • Ground make up is bad for growing good grass.  It is clear by the image above that the grass is in less than optimal condition for league play.
  • The field is not in good enough shape for high school competition
  • Should this field be split into 2 smaller fields?
  • This field is currently overused due to baseball and soccer leagues.

Tod Park Baseball Field 2


Tod Park Baseball Field 3

  • It is clear that the grass portion of this field is less than optimal.  Some spots of the outfield are worn.


Tod Park Mushball Field

  • Currently, no satellite imagery is available for this field.  It was constructed on top of what used to be Tod Pond.  At the time of this document, the latest imagery contains only the dirt filled pond area after grading.  Currently, grass has grown on this field.

Tod Park Soccer Field

  • This field has safety issues
  • The condition of this field is also worn from overuse and lack of maintenance


Tod Park Tennis Court



Tod Park Basketball Courts


Tod Park Bocci Courts


Stambaugh Park

Stambaugh Park Area View



Stambaugh Park Boundary View


  • bussing problems with hill and shape of parking lot
  • this field is currently not in playable shape for league play
  • This park does have restrooms and electric service
  • This park does have a pavilion with electric service
  • This field has limited parking overflow opportunities do to lack of  infrastructure surrounding the park


Liberty Memorial Park

Liberty Park


  • This park offers a portion of the city’s recreational needs, but is more known for its natural beauty.
  • The southwestern end of this park will now be more useable because of the parking available at off times from the new Kiwanis parking lot.



Liberty Park Closer Up


  • One of the biggest infrastructure problems of this park is lack of pedestrian access.  Currently, it is only reachable by car without the need to walk on unimproved roads.
  • Because of this isolation, this park has been the recipient of much vandalism.


Pony League Field


  • This field has better earth makeup than Tod Park.
  • An idea to transform this field into two soccer fields to combine with the existing practice field has been proposed.
  • The parking lot for this field could be used as overflow parking for visitors.
  • A safety concern exists at S. Elruth Rd.  The picture below shows the largest safety risk.
  • The road along S. Elruth is not currently capable of facilitating safe pedestrianism between the park lot of this field and the Kiwanis Parking Lot to the east.  A large hill exists between the two levels of the area.
  • Immediate action would be to widen the street and create a pedestrian pathway next to the road by trimming the wooded area north and east from the road as much as possible.
  • A later phase would involve adding fill dirt to more gently grade the pedestrian walkway and ensure proper drainage.
  • A guardrail would need to be added to the north and east of the road.
  • The unimproved parking lot to the south and east of the field is used to build the bonfire for meet the team night.  This is a once a year high school football team kickoff event.


Liberty Park Combined Fields - Closer Look


  • Currently used for high school football practices.  It is apparent by the image about that overuse of the outfields has caused bare spots in the pony league field.
  • Currently used for high school soccer practices


Liberty Park Mushball Field



Liberty Park Tennis Courts


  • Currently in very bad shape
  • Surface is most likely not repairable


Liberty Park Soccer Field

  • Currently used for High School Girls Soccer



Liberty Park to East Liberty Access


Liberty Park Boy Scout Cabin Area


Hartzell Park


Hartzell Park



Prospect Mushball Field

Prospect Mushball Field


Arrowhead Stadium


Girard Junior & Senior High School Complex


St. Rose Gymnasium


Girard City Gymnasium


Prospect Gymnasium


Girard Multi-Generational Center Gymnasium